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We have worked with clients from India, Australia, UK, Kenya, USA. We’ve closely worked with Home décor, Fashion, Real estate, FMCG, BFSI and Automobile Industries.

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The Dynamic Responsive Informative Website helps any small or mid-size business to serve the following objectives –

  1.  Business Lead Generations
  2.  Display of Services
  3.  Display small product portfolio or business profile

Informative websites should be your first milestone for stepping into a digital world.  We recommend these types of websites for any small or mid-size businesses or working professionals –

  1. Retail Businesses: Cafes, Salons, Gyms, Real Estate Agency
  2. Professional Services: Lawyers, CA, Interior Decorators,
  3. Mid-Size Business: Company Portfolio, NGO, etc.

Semi-Ecommerce or catalog-based websites are usually the best fit for both B2B and B2C businesses. These websites will have a very similar look to e-commerce websites. Instead of sales, it will generate an Enquiry from a website. It serves the following objectives –

  1.  Product Catalog Display
  2. Product Categorization/ Catagory Display
  3. Product Specifications
  4. Generate Business Leads

If your business deals with multiple product lines and various products then we recommend these types of websites. Here are some of the businesses which may require catalog websites –

  1. B2B Business with multiple product lines and product ranges: Spare parts, B2B Materials, etc.
  2. Technology business: IT companies deals in complex or multiple services
  3. Automobile businesses: Electric Vehicle stores or manufacturers

An E-commerce website is usually developed with the objective of selling products or services.
Types of E-commerce websites:

  1.  E-commerce Market Place: Here multiple sellers can register and sell their products, for example, Amazon, Flipkart, etc.
  2. Branded E-Commerce Website: Here there will be just one seller. It is most convenient for brands to sell their products.

A.  Informative Website: Mahaland Group

B. Catalog Website:

  1. SKPI
  2. Amiable Diamonds
  3. Eco Green Electric
  4. Compliance CEO

C. E-commerce Website: Sowell

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Informative Websites

20KOne Time
  • Website Development
  • Website Design Integrations
  • Website Content Writing*
  • *Website Banners
  • *Free SEO Integrations
  • *Free Social Media Optimization
  • *Free Google Listing Optimization

Catalogue Websites

35kOne Time
  • Product Pages with album and descriptions
  • Catagory Pages
  • Leads generation Functionality
  • *Catalogue Portfolio
  • *Website Content
  • *Free One-time Basic SEO
  • *Free Social Media Optimization

E-Commerce Websites

  • Payment Gateway Integrations
  • Shipping Functionality
  • Product Pages Development
  • Category Pages Development
  • Notifications Integrations*
  • Rest all features of basic websites


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Veer mehta, Felisha media
Veer Mehta
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