We Equip Leaders With Strategy and Vision

We analyze the business, Industry, and products before suggesting the right digital channel.

  1. Accurate suggestions
  2. Detailed Reports
  3. A Professional bond

Get one-stop solutions for all your marketing needs, we are professionals with the following skillset,

  1. Full Digital marketing
  2. Website Development
  3. Graphics Designing
  4. Offline Marketing Campaigns
  5. Marketing Consultations
  6. Branding Consultations
  7. Influencer Marketing
  8. Twitter Trending Services
  9. Video Shoots
  10. Video Editing
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Successful Rate

Our goal is to offer best ROIs on your investment


Most Trusted Marketing Agency

We aim to be the number one in the eye of every customer that we work with and win their trust!



We want to serve every business with at least one service!

“Ultimate satisfaction, Maximum ROI and Constant Growth is our Goal.”

Swati Mehta
Swati Mehta
Founder at Felisha Media

About us

Felisha Media is a team of the best digital marketing consultants, developers, graphics designers, content writers, E-commerce specialists, media buyers, social media experts, and few other skilled marketing professionals.
The aspiring women entrepreneur Swati Mehta and Viral Mehta started digital marketing in Mumbai, India in 2017.

Journey of Felisha Media

We have worked with clients from India, Australia, the USA, Dubai, Kenya. Felisha Media got an opportunity to work for the following industries  –

  1. Real Estate [3 clients]
  2. Salon and SPA [2 clients]
  3. FMCG & Cafe [2 clients]
  4. Diamond Industry [2 clients]
  5. Automobile [2 clients]
  6. Mobile & Accessories  Retail outlets [2 clients]
  7. Travel Industry [4 clients]
  8. Education Industry [4 clients]
  9. Banking & Finance [2 clients]

Here are the unique Services from Felisha Media:

  • Influencer Marketing/ Online Brand Activation [Increase Brand presence, Increase walk-ins to store or restaurant or events]
  • Social Media Paid Marketing/ Lead Generation/ Registrations
  • Website/ App Development
  • E-Commerce Management[Sales From Amazon & other sites]
  • Creative Animated videos
  • Digital Graphics Designing 
  • Package and Label Designing
  • E-mailer Designs
  • Leaflets Designs
  • Brochure Designs
  • Infographics
  • Artwork Designs like product package material designs
  • Logo Designs/Logo Re-creation
  • Flyer designs
  • Stall Designs

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” The best part working with Felisha Media is that they understand the business deeply and I think that helps them and us both!”

Bharat Mukim

Bord of Director

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